20 March 2010

Margots Misadventures...

For mothers day me and my sister clubbed together to buy my mum something she'd wanted for a while, after i introduced her to it!

It was a cat called Margot, but she was not your ordinary cat! I found her on Etsy, where i am a regular browser, and i knew my mum would love her! Shes so gorgeous, her cute bandage and ripped ear, and her own little story to accompany her. My mum loved her and when she came up to visit me for a few days she brought her along. I loved her too!

Margot was made by Lisa of LouLou and Oscar, you can find her blog here http://blog.loulouandoscar.com/. I am in love with her style of work and her Etsy shop is wonderful. I emailed her to say thank you so much for Margot and she very sweetly replied and was as lovely as i thought she might be!!

One day i hope to make lovely items to sell on Etsy, but for now i shall make do with admiring other peoples works!

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