27 March 2010

It finally Smells Like Spring...

We are finally in Spring, and today really feels like it. The sun is shining bright in Aberdeen today, and i for one am loving it!

Spring reminds me of many things, Daffodils, Washing the car in the sun, Long walks...and with the clocks going forward tonight, the nights will be a lot more lighter which i love!

I also love spring because you can see your make up in the light when you put it on! instead of having to use a lamp. And using bronzer to make you feel slightly more summery, even if we arent quite there yet!

So i was looking around my room on something to post on and it had to be these...

My perfumes old and new, sit on my chest of drawers and soak up the sun when it wants to shine. This is probably not go good for the perfumes, but the majority of them are empty anyway, I tend to buy more in Spring/Summer because thats when i feel you can really benefit from a good fragrance, instead of hiding it unerneath a coat or cardi.

I love to keep all the empty bottles from my perfumes, for sentimental reasons, as decoration, and also to remind me of which ones to repurchase.

From left to right, my perfumes are...

Givency, Absolutely Givency. (LE)
DKNY, Be Delicious.
Christina Aguilera, Night.
Valentino, Rock n Rose.
Gucci, Envy Me.
Christina Aguilera, (Day).
Calvin Klein, Euphoria.
Escada, Suset Heat.
Escada, Ocean Lounge.
Dior, Miss Dior Cherie.
Nina Ricci, Nina.
Vera Wang, Glam Princess.
And a small bottle of Dior, Miss Dior Cherie on the far right.

My HG scent would have to be the Miss Dior Cherie, its such a gorgeous scent that can be worn day or night. It lasts longer than most of the other scents on me, and it gets me compliments whenever i wear it!

I love fruity scents, and ones which are a bit different. I will definately be repurchasing Nina and i love all the Escada range, They all smell slightly sickly but i love this in summer, so i will try a few more of those. I love their bottles and even empty they brighten up my room!

Some other fragrances i'd like to own are Viktor and Rolf, Flowerbomb. Juicy Couture, Couture. And Armarmi, Diamonds (purely for the fact its fronted by beyonce).

Which are your favourite scents? Can you recommend and fruity numbers for me to try?


  1. I love Miss Dior Cherie as well! My signature scent I would say...I like Christina Aguilera's Inspire too.

  2. Oh i havent smelled her Inspire one. I will have to try it in boots next time im in! Cherie is beautiful, i feel like a proper lady when i wear it lol x

  3. hi! love your blog! just thought id pass on a dupe for Cherie that i have heard by quite a few ppl, Katie Price's Stunning, its meant to be an exact replica at a much cheaper price!


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