23 March 2010

Dolls House Miniature Jewellery

After a wander around the shops the other day i noticed many of these vintage style jewellery items which you can buy in Accesorize, Miss Selfridge, Topshop and so on.
They are a necklace, ring or earrings with cute items on, such as a china teapot necklace or teacup earrings.

Seeing these made me think of my sister and her love her dolls house when she was younger. She would spend all her pocket money in the dolls house shop down the road. It occured to me that dolls house furnishings is the way to go. Rather than spending £15 on a necklace, make it myself!

So i go on ebay...and let my mind go, as i spy all sorts of cute items which would make a unique, yet very on trend, peice of jewellery!

Here are some of the treasures i found!...

(All images were sourced from ebay)

Most of these items are under £2, and buy it now, so theres no bidding involved! Then all you'd need is an old chain or a thrifted one, and you will have a beautifully unique item of jewellery for a fraction of the price of the shop bought ones!!

I love this idea, and as my sister still has her old dolls house, im going to give the jewellery making a go!


  1. Love the red telephone - that'd look so cute on a necklace - great idea :)


  2. I know, v cute! I think that one was my fave :) x

  3. How cute! I love the teacups and the telephone...

    On another note, your cat Jack is so adorable too! He reminds me of a kitten that has been coming around to my place lately, we think it has been abandoned and we've been feeding it - so gorgeous aww!


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