20 March 2010

My Favourite Eye Brushes

So i thought id make this post, just to share what i consider to be really great eye make up brushes!

I have a lot more than 5 but these are ones i regularly reach for out of my jam jar brush holder...well actually its a Dolmio jar with a ribbon round the top but jam jar sounds cuter :)

From left to right:

BK34 Angle Stippler Blender £3.29, Crown Brushes.

IB110 Min Oval Smudger, £2.67, Crown Brushes.

IB116 Round Tapered Crease, £3.18, Crown Brushes.

Eyeshadow Brush, £8, The Body Shop.

275 Medium Angled Shading Brush, £17.50, MAC.

I highly rate the Crown Brushes, they are so soft and lovely to use, and THE PRICE! you cannot get better! I will be purchasing a lot more brushes from them, i especially love the badger series.

The stippler blender is a great blender brush, i dont have a MAC 217 but i feel i dont need one as this is brilliant for me.

The mini oval smudger is a lovely brush for smudging out eyeliner to make a smoky eye, or also excellent for under eye work, Its so tiny, its half the width of a normal brush hairs, which makes is so fluffy and easy to apply.

The tapered crease is fantastic at crease work, hence its title, and fits right into the eye socket. I use this everyday, love it!

Body shop brush has changed design since i purchased it, its a lot more curved now, but i love mine. I use it to press on pigments or Barry Ms dazzledusts! Its excellent at wet shadow work and because its fairly hard its excellent for eyeliner smudging too!

The MAC one was my first ever make up brush, ever! We've been through many years together and i still love it!! Its brilliant at blending out shadows but also all over colour work. I love this brush and highly recommend it as a first MAC brush purchase!

What are your favourite brushes? Are there any you can recommend??

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