23 March 2010

Bombay Duck

I am in love with this shop! A new visitor i may be, but still in love!
I found this website through a morning of blog reading, whilst tucked up ill in bed.

I am in love with their cute door mats in particular, though im not quite sure i can justify £20 for something i wipe my feet on!

I also love this gorgeous candleabra!

...Their keyrings...

...and these rolls of ribbon! Usually a roll of pretty ribbon from John Lewis or somewhere is around £5 for a 2Metre roll! this set of four rolls (each roll 2m) is £6!! So thats 8m for £6! A beautiful bargain i think you'll agree!! And they come in various designs!

The website is http://www.bombayduck.co.uk/ and they have a mailing list, and catalogue which i cant wait to receive!!


  1. Ooh I used to really like Bombay Duck stuff, but had actually totally forgotten its existence - so thanks for the reminder!


  2. I think i may be the only one who never knew it existed! I will have to make up for this fact by buying lots of goodies :)

  3. Hi LilyRibbons - We are so glad you discovered Bombay Duck. We thought we would let you know that we have a Mad March Offer at the moment - 33% off all Charms & Accessories when you enter code MADMARCH2 - choose from fun animal shaped charms, shoes, handbags shapes, sparkly alphabet letters, bangles, bracelets...better be quick though only until midnight on Thursday! xxx

  4. I also love Bombay Duck - their stuff is fab! I plan to get a doormat really soon :)


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