4 March 2010

I Heart Ebay

My name is Lil and im an Ebay-a-holic.

There...ive said it!

I love ebay, it is part of my everyday routine, is that sad? I think so... but i dont care! I use it to buy silly things, things which i dont need or wont ever use, but i also use it to buy hidden treasures and great bargains!

I am also a seller, i like to sell clothes and shoes i no longer wear, to get some cash to spend on more things i probably wont use! But its all good fun. People really will buy anything on there. I sold some broken GHDS a year ago, i had the listing up for all of 30 seconds and someone (a guy!) bought them instantly! I think it was for around 30 quid which is good for something that wouldnt even turn on!!

I have been doing some ebaying recently, so i thought id share my purchases with you all!

Ok so first we have a lot of 34 zips...who knows why that number! But i figured, one zip from John Lewis or a craft shop is around £2...i got 34 really good quality zips for £3!! Inluding postage! Now thats a bargain, even if i never use them all!

I also bought a lot of Knitting Stitch books. Separately, on Amazon, these are retailing at around £20 per book...I got all three for £10!! I think that is amazing! I have been looking for a nice project with a variety of stitches, and what better way to learn them! Theyre full of gorgeous stitches which i can wait to try!
Here are some of my favourites...

I also bought this Benefit Dandelion blush. This retails at i think £23 in stores. I got it for around £8...HOWEVER...i think this may be a fake. It doesnt have any scent which i know from my Georgia blusher, Benefit blushers usually have. Also the colour isnt exactly right, if i remember correctly from seeing it in boots. Saying this, i still use it and love it!

Last but not least i got this dress. It is a topshop number, which i actually tried on in store and loved. (I also have this in a floral style, i have blogged about it in a previous post!). This one is a factory second which means there was probably a problem with it and therefor has no tags! But apart from that its fine! I love it! In store this was £45 if i remember rightly, I got it for £30...which ill admit isnt a MASSIVE saving, but for something i'll wear a lot and suits my body shape amazingly, its worth it!

A sneaky FOTD there!

Do you guys use Ebay? What are some of your favourite purchses??


  1. I am also a total eBay-holic. It's part of my daily routine as well, so I understand!

    My problem is, that I buy LOADS of stuff on there, but then am too lazy to actually sell things. I have done in the past, but only a few bits, whereas I've got a huge amount of stuff I could sell, if only I could be bothered to do it!


  2. Its so addictive isnt it!? You should sell stuff, its so easy and you will feel great when you see that money piling up! Although the sellers fees are a bit annoying! You should go for it!! Let me know if you do and ill check out your stuff!!
    Lil x


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