20 March 2010

Florals and Hearts

So just a few updates...I bought some lovely fabric from ebay for around £2! Its a basic floral print but so pretty, i cant wait to use it!

I also have spent an afternoon creating these cute hearts, which i will turn into a pretty garland when i find the right string! I made them from some samples i had requested from various fabric websites! Yep...a homemade garland for free! I think theyre quite cute, and theres hundrds of them so it will look nice hanging over a mirror or something!

I also have two new additions to my Hanging Hearts collection!! A lovely rusty wire one, with pretty flowers created out of the wire. and a lovely wooden bead one. They lovingly hang my bedroom along with the rest, but i want to make them into a heart wall (like a plate wall but with hearts)!


  1. Love that fabric - looking forward to seeing what you're going to make with it :)

    Your heart garland is so pretty - I want one!


  2. Im thinking a make up bag with lace and ribbons, or...i dunno? any suggestions!? x


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