20 March 2010

Bumpy Arms?

For as long as i can remember i've had bumps on my upper arms and on my legs. I always figured this was due to me being at the top of the 'normal' scale for my bmi...im not sure why i thought this! In the past month this condition had got a lot worse and i was contemplating going to the doctors.

(This isnt me - Its a google image!)

I did a bit of research on the internet and found out this isnt just me...its a condition called Keratosis Pilaris or KP. Its often referred to as chicken skin, because it covers your arms, legs, chest, face or stomach or anywhere else in litle red bumps. After researching this, i realised i no way had it as bad as other people. Some people get it so bad they need super strength creams from the doctors, but i dont think mine is that severe! It is a genetic condition, and i recently found out my mum and sister suffer from it quite badly too.

The condition is helped by exfoliation of the areas with gloves, loofas or sugar scrubs. I tried these but none seemed to work for me. I went to boots online to see if it had any products that might help me deal with this and behold, it did!!

I love The Sanctuary products, they smell great and really feel luxurious when using them. The product in question is the Microdermabrasion Body Renewal. On the boots website it said that this is to combat 'Chicken Skin'...i couldnt believe it! A product is out there that specifically helps to fight this condition! So off i toddled to my nearest boots and bought it.
It costs around £9, which some may seem excessive but if you compare it to a Body Shop butter at £12, then i think its quite reasonable!

I have never liked scrubs before as i find their density very poor and their particles either too big or too few. This is amazing in terms of density, its so thick and creamy, you rub it in and it feels smooth, but then after more rubbing (on dry skin) you get a very harsh gritty texture, i would describe the particles as 'micro tiny'...they are so small and you really feel like theyre working!! It smells like lemons and i LOVE citrus fragranced products!

All in all id give this product a 10/10 i really cant fault it!! Ive used it three times now, each time before a shower on dry skin i rub for around 3 mins on each arm and leg, until they are quite red but you can feel it working. Then i get in the shower and rub it off. I can honestly say my arms have never felt smoother, and hopefully my legs will follow suit! Afterwards i cover myself in my favourite moisturiser The Body Shop satsuma lotion! And the two scents leave me SUPER citrusy!!

Does anyone else suffer from this? What do you find helps?


  1. Hiya! I love your blog! I've used pure virgin coconut oil for a while now - I bought it specifically for dry split ends, and to use as a body moisturiser. I'm sure you've heard of how beneficial coconut oil is for all sorts of things. However, it wasn't until I'd been rubbing it all over after every second shower or so, for a few weeks, that I realised my 'chicken skin' bumps on the backs of my arms had pretty much completely vanished. I did some research (I have a book called the miracle of coconut oil, pretty geeky haha but it tells you the science behind it all!) and lo and behold, it specifically mentiones how coconut oil is one of the best things for this problem. Give it a go! Pure virgin oil is only about £10 for a HUGE (lasts forever) jar online.
    You can also mix it with brown sugar/sea salt to make the perfect, softening, anti bacterial scrub which would also probably help with this problem.
    Sorry for the essay - just came across your post by accident and as this has worked so well for me, I thought I'd share it! :) I don't have a blog but my username on Make up Alley is 'sophielondon', and I've written a mammoth review on coconut oil there, if you're bored! Good luck with the skin! x

  2. Oh hey thanx! Ive never heard of this before, i will defo check it out! The book sounds not geeky at all, i bet its really useful! especially if its so cheap to buy the oil! Thanx so much for the comment! Lil xx

  3. Hey,
    What you described sounds exactly like what i have on my upper arms, i had no idea there was an actual name for it..
    Thanks for this post, I'm going to pop to boots and try this out, fingers crossed it helps!


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